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5 Signs You Need to Move on to a New Dentist

Are you unhappy with your current dental care provider? Read on to know if it’s time
Author: Amanda Clark Date: Aug 28, 2018

Do You Need a Periodontist?

Your dentist may not have the expertise and knowledge to treat your gum disease. If that’s
Author: Amanda Clark Date: Jun 22, 2018

3 Reasons to Look for a Periodontist

Making an appointment with a general dentist isn’t always enough. Here are several signs you’ll be
Author: Amanda Clark Date: Apr 11, 2018

4 Signs It’s Time to Look for an Emergency Dentist

Like most people, I don’t think of booking an appointment with a dental clinic, not unless
Author: Amanda Clark Date: Mar 9, 2018

5 Essential Tips to Finding a Dentist

If you have stained, crooked or missing teeth, exploring different treatments for cosmetic dentistry in Burlington
Author: Amanda Clark Date: Jan 22, 2018

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