Bone Grafting May Be Used by a Dentist in Parlin

by | Jul 27, 2012 | Dentistry

Bone grafting is a dental procedure that is more invasive than others. However, it often has to be used in the event that you need a dental implant in Parlin. Your dentist in Parlin could provide you with support for a bone graft so an appropriate spot is secured with an implant. This is regardless of where your grafting area is located.

Repairing Damages

Missing teeth can cause the jawbone to shrink in size. The bone is going to become smaller because it does not have any spots available for supporting teeth. This could impact the design of your jaw and even cause some jaw pains. It’s a real hassle but it has to be fixed if you contact your dentist to get help with it.

Grafting is used to repair these damages. It fills in the lost bone space. The new space is made to create a support system for implants, dentures and other dental prostheses. This can be used in any spot of the jawbone because any area could be influenced by decay. Your area must be treated well so it is safe to handle.

How the Procedure is Used

First, a dentist in Parlin has to examine your jawbone. The size of the area that needs to be covered and the location has to be analyzed before it can be made. The analysis may come from a traditional x-ray. Some dentists have been using digital imaging in recent years. The procedure should be made to keep it all working the right way.

The new bone for the procedure can be implanted into the jawbone. A sinus lift may be used by entering the sinus passages and inserting the bone in through that area. The bone can be adjusted to make it stable in the area. This can be a little more invasive than some other treatments but it should not be as risky as anything that might involve a deep amount of surgical cutting.

Where is the Bone From?

The area that the bone comes from in the procedure has to be checked on carefully. The bone can come from your own body. It could come out of your jaw. It may even come from another spot like a bone located below the knee. The bone that is taken out has to be prepared to where it cannot impact your body in the long run.

You could even get the bone from a local tissue bank. This is provided that the bone is of an appropriate size. The tissue bank bone has to be preserved properly and must be able to fit in with your blood type. The measurements for figuring out what works right are very specific and have to be used carefully if you want to keep yourself healthy.

You have to approach a good dentist in Parlin if you need help with getting implants handled. A bone grafting procedure must work if you do not have to jaw bone space for handling implants. You must do this to keep your teeth healthy and safe without hurting anything that might be in the way of your teeth and potential implant spots.

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