Dental Implants in Louisville KY Can Enhance Your Aesthetic Value

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Dentistry

Many people experience tooth loss during their lives. This loss of one or more teeth can result from tooth decay, an accident, intentional extraction, or genetic reasons. Whatever the cause, tooth loss can impact the entire row of teeth. When one tooth is missing in a row of teeth, the surrounding bones can shift. This shifting causes other teeth to move. Having teeth in altered positions can hinder a person’s ability to talk, eat, and drink correctly. It can also change the way a person looks. To prevent all this, many dental patients receive Dental Implants at Springhurst Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Louisville KY.

Dental Implants in Louisville KY are replacement tooth roots. This dental device is surgically installed into the area where a tooth root once was. This implant is connected to an abutment that goes into a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, or denture. The goal of using this implant is the tissues of the mouth to accept this steel rod like it’s a natural tooth root. When this occurs, an implant provides the structure necessary to provide sturdiness to the dental prosthesis it holds.
Dental Implants in Louisville KY are usually put in a dental patient by a dentist or a periodontist. A dental care provider will talk to a patient and perform an extensive evaluation before the decision is made to get implants. These surgical components are used to replace a single tooth, replace several teeth, sinus augmentation, and ridge modification. While titanium is primarily used to create an implant, other materials are used.

Planning for implants includes taking a patient’s dental and medical history into consideration. Some patients don’t qualify for this type of treatment. For instance, a person who has weakened bones or problems with tissues of the mouth may need to consider other alternatives. Bone grafting may be necessary when there is a lack of sufficient bone surrounding the implant. Also, a sinus lift is sometimes performed to restore a sinus to it’s proper position. If you are wanting to learn more about this procedure, please contact the professionals at Springhurst Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Louisville KY

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