Dental Oral Surgery Kittanning PA- Common Surgical Procedures

by | Jan 30, 2013 | Dentistry

When most people hear about dental oral surgery, what may come to their minds are general anesthesia and a theatre setting. However, dental surgical procedures may range from minor to major depending on the condition being treated. You could be wondering about the various surgical procedures that are conducted:

* One of the common procedures where dental oral surgery Kittanning PA would be necessary is teeth removal. This is the most common and also the most recognized form of dental surgery. There are several reasons as to why you may need to have your teeth removed. For instance, if you have some partially exposed or impacted wisdom teeth, oral surgery may come in handy in removing them. In some other cases, teeth may be destroyed beyond repair either by tooth decay, or root fracture. In such a case, the teeth may only have to be removed through surgery. In children especially, primary teeth may fail to fall out in order to give way for permanent teeth. Such teeth may be removed through surgery.

* In some other cases, dental oral surgery is performed by maxillofacial surgeon. Surgical procedures performed by such surgeons are mainly jaw surgeries and they may be conducted for a number of reasons. For instance a jaw surgery may be performed incase of malocclusion or incorrect bite. People with incorrect jaw position and also unproportional facial appearance could benefit from this form of surgery. Jaw surgery could also come in handy for patients suffering from temporomandibular disorder. The patients have to be thoroughly examined by a dentist before any form of surgical procedure is recommended.

* When fitting dental implants, Dental Oral Surgery Kittanning PA would come in handy. Many people in the contemporary world are going for dental implants with the aim of replacing missing teeth and also to provide support for existing dentures in the mouth. Since implants are fixed on the jaw bone and they serve as roots for the teeth, surgery is conducted when fitting them. The surgical procedure employed when fitting implants may vary depending on the dentist and also on the type of implant being installed.

For individuals with unequal jaw growth, dental oral surgery may be what they need. When the upper and the lower jaws fail to grow proportionally, it may be hard to speak and to even chew food. Unlike in the case of teeth misalignment where orthodontics is all that would be needed, misaligned jaws are corrected through surgery. During the surgery, a part or all of the upper jaw or the lower jaw is removed to enhance good balancing. After the surgery, the jaws are more balanced, functional and also healthy. While some dental conditions are easily treated without undergoing surgery, others need surgery. Whether you are to be operated on or not, it is for the dentist to decide after examining you.

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