Dentist in Milwaukee WI and Cosmetic Services

by | May 15, 2014 | Dentists

General dentistry is focused on the prevention of gum and tooth disease and the restoration and treatment of oral disease. Cosmetic dentistry is focused on enhancing the appearance of your teeth. A cosmetic Dentist in Milwaukee WI can provide you with Invisalign aligners, Snap-On-Smile, teeth whitening, and/or dental tooth implants. The following will discuss these cosmetic services.

     *     Invisalign aligners – The Invisalign aligner system can be used instead of metal braces in some instances to straighten teeth. The system is a set of aligners that are custom fitted to the individual and are changed every couple of weeks. Most people only have to wear them for about a year as opposed to two or three years like metal braces. They are removable, which means you have no food or beverage restrictions. This system does not interfere with home dental care.

     *     Snap-On-Smile – If you have tooth discolorations that have not responded to whitening, gaps between your teeth, uneven teeth, or other issues that make you feel like hiding your smile, Snap-On-Smile may be a good solution. This technology uses special dental resins customized to fit over your teeth to hide those imperfections that bother you.

     *     Tooth whitening – If your teeth are yellow from aging, stained from coffee, tea or smoking, or discolored from certain medications, teeth whitening may help reduce these unsightly discolorations. The basic process of whitening involves using a whitening formula that is applied to the teeth and light therapy that activates the formula. Your teeth can be whitened during one session, which lasts only about 45 minutes to an hour. A cosmetic Dentist in Milwaukee WI may also provide you with custom whitening trays and a kit that allows you to do your own whitening at home.

     *     Dental implants – Tooth implants use technology to replace missing teeth. Whether you get tooth knocked out or extracted, you can enjoy the benefits of an implant so you can smile with confidence. Replacing a missing tooth or teeth helps maintain or improve the function of the teeth and prevents facial structure issues.

These treatments and services are all mostly for aesthetic purposes. Unless you have special cosmetic dental coverage, your dental insurance will not cover these services. Most dentists offer a payment plan of some kind, so you do not have to pay for expensive cosmetic dental treatments all at once. Frank R. Galka D.D.S provides quality dental care to the community.

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