Fear and Humor Related to Dentists

by | May 14, 2013 | Dentists

Movies and popular media often portray a dentist in two different extremes. He is either a funny character and sometimes aloof or he is a sadistic character who enjoys inflicting pain. Dentistry has progressed; however, the association of fear and pain have not evaded this profession. Our impression of dentist in Kinnelon NJ stems from how these fears are stimulated in what we see.

Media Depictions of Dentists
In movies, a dentist is often depicted as a psycho than he is one that is humorous. Examples of this are the dark comedy film from 1986 known as the Little Shop of Horrors. Sometimes the film industry will depict a dentist has having a very glamorous lifestyle. They are also depicted as people who enjoy torture. This furthers the stigma that is associated with their profession. These depictions are misleading and are not an accurate picture of dentist in Kinnelon NJ actual lifestyle.

Sometimes dentist are depicted to be void of any compassion. This is reflected in the British TV show called My Family where dentist Ben Harper the shows main character appears to have zero compassion for not only his patients, but family or anyone else for that matter. The list goes on and on where the dentist is shown as someone who has a sadistic humor and enjoys the pain that others are in. It is no surprise that today people carry a negative view of the dentist and will do anything they can to avoid sitting in his chair. Even though viewers are capable of differentiating fact from fiction, these movies still create an impact that is negative on the entire profession.

Your dentist may not be as handsome as Dr. McSteamy from the hit show Greys Anatomy, but that does not mean he is not qualified. It is important to see your dentist every few months for a check-up or an evaluation. The reality is that you can have peace of mind in knowing your dentist is more than like not a psycho at all but, in fact, he is very caring and competent to handle your dentistry needs. Most use the most up to date technology available today. His qualifications will speak for themselves as he helps steer you away from pain and dental issues.

For the most cutting edge technology visit Wayne Pediatric Dental Care. Dentists in Kinnelon, NJ can offer you quality care that comes backed with 20 years of experience. Their friendly staff will help you feel at ease.


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