Finding a Family Friendly Dentist in Smithtown

by | Aug 13, 2013 | Dentistry

For most people, going to their Dentist Smithtown is a personal experience, but many of them also feel that having a family dentist is beneficial as well. Perhaps this is because finding a dentist you can trust is very important and sharing that trust with other family members is crucial for making them feel comfortable during their visits. However, sharing a dentist with your family may not be enough to avoid problems. For example, many children have difficulties visiting the dentist’s office and the only way a parent can remedy this problem is finding a dentist who is friendly and outgoing.

Of course, children aren’t the only ones who have difficulty making the trip for a Dentist Smithtown visit. A surprising number of adults also have difficulties dealing with their fear of dentists and the various procedures they perform. In some cases this may be a simple fear of needles, but in others it can turn into a full blown phobia causing the person to avoid their dentist completely. This is never a good choice since lack of proper dental care will only make your dental problems worse. Consider the case of a small cavity which is simple to repair when caught early, but when left alone the cavity will worsen and eventually cause an infection. Thankfully, some dentists have recognized this problem and taken steps to help their patients in the form of sedation dentistry.

A sedation Dentist Smithtown visit may well be the easiest dental appointment you ever have. Of course you aren’t actually sedated to the point of sleep like they do in major surgery, but in many cases you are very close. The dentist uses an anesthesiologist to medicate and monitor your awareness during the procedures to keep you from feeling undue pain. This actually benefits the dentist as well as the patient. For one thing, the patient doesn’t adversely struggle during the procedures, plus the dentist can proceed at a steady pace and finish the procedure a little quicker than normal.

No matter what your reason for a Dentist Smithtown visit, make sure you discuss all your concerns with them. Some people think the dentist can discern the problem by simply looking at their teeth, but understanding your symptoms is just as critical. Family friendly dentists like Steven R. Feigelson DDS PC know that discussing the problem is very important.

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