Good Oral Hygiene Needs To Begin Early

by | Aug 8, 2012 | Dentistry

A healthy clean smile is an important thing for a child to have and seeing a pediatric dentist in Flint will help to make that happen. First impressions are extremely important to everyone. Oral hygiene is very important and should start early for everyone. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that it is vital for healthy teeth to clean a baby’s teeth as soon as they start erupting, and to also make sure that your child sees a dentist as soon as they are comfortable having someone looking in their mouths. This is usually around the 2-3 year old mark, unless there are other problems going on.

A good pediatric dentist in Flint will make the first experience at the dentist as comfortable as possible for a young child. Pediatric dentists are required to participate in two additional years of schools over regular dentists, so they are more experienced dealing with small children and their issues before they even begin practicing. Dentists will encourage parents to begin cleaning the baby’s teeth as soon as they begin erupting out of the gums. Once they are out, they are subject to oral decay. Taking a soft wet cloth and cleaning them each day is important to remove any bacteria from the teeth. Even though baby teeth will eventually fall out, teaching young children the importance of keeping their teeth clean early will help to keep their teeth in good condition the rest of their lives.

A good pediatric dentist in Flint will recommend that parents remain with a small child when they are learning to brush their teeth. A brush is a stick and can potentially do major damage if an accident happens and the brush is pushed through the soft palette. An adult must never leave a young child alone with a toothbrush. Modeling brushing for a child is also important. Children love to copy anything that their parents do, and when they see their parents brushing their teeth morning and night, they want to do the same. Many pediatric dentists will recommend placing sealants on baby teeth to protect the tooth and gums from decay. Another important piece of information that your dentist can share with you is how much fluoridation is present in your city’s water supply. If the amount of fluoridation is not sufficient, them they will recommend fluoride pills to protect your child’s teeth.

A good pediatric dentist in Flint will help you keep your child’s teeth in good repair. A pediatric dentist in Flint will make sure that your child is comfortable and prepared for any dental procedures.

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