More Than Just an Emergency Dentist

by | Sep 5, 2013 | Dentistry

Finding yourself with a dental emergency is never a fun place to be. Fortunately, a quick visit to an emergency dentist
can help to resolve your concern and get you feeling normal again. However, you are probably unaware that these providers can do much more than just address your emergency concerns. In addition to emergency services, emergency dentist can also assist you with a number of other services, here are some of them.


Having a smile with missing or severely damaged teeth is anything but ideal. Not only can it be detrimental to your health, it can also play a large role in your overall self confidence. One of the ways that you can alleviate this issue is through the use of Implant dentistry. Implants are replacement roots that provide a secure foundation for false teeth. Since they are installed at the bone, they eventually fuse into your bone, rendering a more natural appearance.

Cosmetic Services

These dentist can also provide you with a number of cosmetic dentist services, such as teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that utilizes a specialized whitening gel and laser to remove stains and discoloration from your teeth. For some people, a change of two or more shades is experienced. In addition to laser techniques, dental providers also have a number of other whitening techniques they utilize as well.

Family Dentistry

Another area of practice is family dentistry. Generally, family dentistry aims to provide care for everyday, preventive care. Services can include teeth cleaning, exams and cavity fillings.These type of services should be the foundation of any healthy oral care regimen. All dental providers are able to provide these services, but having a provider who is also able to provide emergency services is even more beneficial.

Orthodontic Treatment

Additionally, these dentist can sometimes also provide you with orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics is an area of dental care that aims to help patients who suffer from a misaligned bite due to crocked or missing teeth. In order to resolve this issue, the patient is provided with a dental appliance that works to shift the direction of the teeth into a more aligned pattern. Most often braces or an invisalign device is used.

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