Preparing for Your Child’s First Visit with a Pediatric Dentist in North Potomac

by | Dec 28, 2012 | Cosmetic Dentistry

The sooner you care for your child’s teeth the better and this is why you need to find an experienced pediatric dentist in North Potomac as soon as possible. The experience of visiting a pediatric dentist in North Potomac can be nerve-wracking for both the child and the parent, but when you locate a reliable form of help, you can calm your nerves and rest assured that your young one will be taken care of. To ease your mind, learn a little bit more about what happens during that first visit.

Meeting the Dentist

The first meeting is the most important because during this time, you can get to know the pediatric dentist in North Potomac. This visit will probably be very brief but nonetheless, it will be essential for learning more about the person who will be treating your child. Once you have met with the dentist, he or she will perform a full dental examination. The purpose of this is to uncover any tooth decay, gum problems or possible bite problems. If there are problems with the oral tissues, teeth, gums or jaw, the dentist will treat the problem and provide you, the parent, with tips on how to care for your child’s teeth at home.

Discussing Topics

After the examination, the pediatric dentist in North Potomac will discuss certain topics with you. Nutrition is a very important topic because the more nutrients your child has during their younger years, the healthier their teeth and gums will be. As well as this, the dentist will tell you about the teething process and what to expect. Some children pick up oral habits that can be bad for the teeth, such as thumb sucking and lip sucking. If your child has this problem, the dentist will tell you how they can cut the habit. Other topics you can expect to talk about include oral hygiene practices, dental check-up visits and fluoride needs.

Dental X-rays

Dental x-rays are important because an x-ray can detect problems that may not be noticeable to the naked eye. A pediatric dentist in North Potomac will perform x-rays on children to reduce the chances of a dental problem. However, there is no perfect time to take your child for their very first x-ray. If your child has suffered from no dental problems in their young years, they probably won’t require an x-ray until they are at least five years old. If they were born with a cleft lip or another kind of dental problem, they may need an x-ray sooner.

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