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by | Apr 15, 2013 | Dental Services

Routine and cosmetic dentistry awaits you with services provided by a skilled Dentist Bethlehem. Well-trained dental professionals offer preventive care options, which include cleanings, x-rays, and evaluation of previous work. These measures allow the experienced dentist to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. He or she utilizes x-rays to discover potential problems such as small cracks within the enamel and developing cavities. Routine cleanings allow him or her to remove plague and tartar build-up that has formed on teeth. The removal of the debris may lead to the discovery of acid erosion due to fruit consumption or other acidic foods or drinks. These cleanings also aid in the removal of tough stains from teeth due to coffee, tea, and tobacco products.

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a wealth of services. The options within this category include whitening treatments, veneers, bonding, and removable braces. These service choices are considered elective and are utilized to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Whitening treatments are performed using bleaching agents and ultraviolet lighting to maximize stain removal. The service is typically completed within an hour. Veneers cover the front of the tooth and provide an improved finish free of stains and cracks. Bonding allows the dentist to repair teeth that are broken or discolored to improve its appearance and provide a white smile. Removable braces include acrylic options that mold and form to your teeth as they force them to straighten. The dentist provides additional products beyond your first set of these braces as your teeth begin to realign. These braces are an alternative to traditional braces and allow patients to remove them to brush and while eating without the hindrances of other options.

Additional services provided by a Dentist Bethlehem are extractions, denture fitting and creation, and crown placement. Emergency extractions are available through most dentists for broken teeth causing a great amount of pain. After hours or walk-in services for such emergencies also cover root canals, chipping of teeth, and infected wisdom teeth requiring antibiotics prior to extraction. Dentures are created for patients after a mold of their existing teeth is made, and the dentist ensures proper fitting of them. Crowns are utilized to cover broken teeth to protect them from further damage.


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