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by | Jan 10, 2013 | Dentistry

If just the idea of walking into a dentist office gives you the cold chills and makes you want to run and hide, you are probably in need of type of dedicated sedation dentistry St. Petersburg dentists have to offer. Not going to the dentist because you are afraid can lead to serious lapses in oral hygiene, meaning that your entire body can suffer from serious consequences. Bad oral health can cause problems in your entire body, including heart disease, digestive problems and issues with the kidneys and liver. To avoid this, you have to follow through with proper oral hygiene, which includes regular visits with your dentist. It is completely understandable that you are nervous about going to the dentist, however. Many adults deal with anxiety and even fear associated with going to the dentist. This doesn’t mean, however, the you need to avoid such visits or think that going to them will mean a long stretch of anxiety and pain.

The type of sedation dentistry St. Petersburg dentists have to offer ensures that you can continue to maintain your oral health through proper attention from a dentist without having to be afraid. Sedation dentistry is all about easing your anxiety and allowing you to relax through your procedures. Being relaxed will help your dentists perform your treatments and procedures more easily and more effectively, meaning that you will get better results in a shorter time, and reduce the need for repeat treatments.

When considering sedation dentistry St. Petersburg dentists will tell you there are several different methods for calming you. Something as simple as listening to music while you are getting your procedure done can have an incredibly calming effect. If you need something more, however, there are also medical means of easing you into a relaxed and comfortable state in order to receive your treatments and procedures. These can be simple such as nitrous oxide or more complicated depending on the types of procedures that you need and your level of anxiety. Don’t hesitate to communicate with your St. Petersburg dentist about your need for sedation.

For over 20 years Dr. Nadia O’Neal and her NuSmile dentistry has been offering comprehensive dental care to a variety of patients. Ranging from simple preventative care too complex cosmetic needs, NuSmile offers patients the types of procedures and treatments that they need in order to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Patients that deal with anxiety related to the dentist can benefit from the sedation dentistry practices that Dr. Nadia O’Neal has perfected over the years. This means being able to take care of their mouth and their whole body without fear and pain, which for patients who have avoided the dentist due to anxiety is a tremendous benefit.

Sedation dentistry by dentist Dr. Nadia O’Neal in St. Petersburg. We assure relaxing and anxiety free experience for people. Contact us to schedule your appointment with us.

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