Types of New York Night Guards

by | May 20, 2013 | Dental Services

Mouth guards are devices meant for people who normally grind their teeth at night, and those who are vulnerable to mouth related injuries due to the type of sports they take part in or other activities. New York Night Guards come in three different types, and it is the need of person to protect his or her teeth, which will prompt the type of New York Night Guard to choose.

Boil and bite is the first type of night guard which is rated the most effective for a person to choose from. However, as the name suggest, they could require a bit of work during their administration. Before putting them in the mouth, you have to boil them or insert them in hot water to help its thermoplastic nature convert into a more flexible material, which will conform to your teeth and your mouth. They are the most popular products as you can easily find them at most sporting stores. Once inserted in hot water they offer a custom fit to your mouth and therefore all they require is some tongue pressure of finger pressure to help put them in the right shape around your teeth.

Stock night guards are the second type of night guard which is ready to wear at the time of its purchase. They are cheap, but not adjustable to fit your mouth. They might not be as effective as boil and bite night guard and as a result, most dentists will not recommend them to an expense of boil and bite night guards.

Custom fitted night guards on therefore could be the best New York Night Guard for your mouth. They are designed in a dentist’s office or sometimes in the laboratory from a model mold, to exactly meet the needs of your mouth. They, may come at a higher price as compared to the other types of night guards but in addition, they add comfort to your teeth as they are designed in the shape of your teeth. At extreme cases dentists could recommend using your night guard on your lower teeth and therefore it is advisable to always consult a dentist for options.

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