What Exactly Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

by | Apr 8, 2013 | Dentistry

Today’s modern world presents many options through Cosmetic dentistry in Oak Park IL to repair and improve teeth. Because the American Dentist Association (ADA) does not recognize cosmetic dentistry as a formal specialty, a variety of dentists are offering cosmetic procedures through their offices. It’s important to understand what kinds of cosmetic dentistry are available and the risks associated. Ultimately, cosmetic dentistry is aimed at altering dental material or tooth structure in order to benefit somebody’s oral health or physical appearance.

When most people think of cosmetic dentistry, they imagine altering crooked or unseemly teeth for purely aesthetic reasons. Much like cosmetic surgery, a growing number of people who seek out cosmetic dentistry are primarily concerned with their appearance. The most basic example of this is teeth whitening, which bleaches a patient’s teeth in order to improve the color. Another common procedure is veneer placements. Veneers are artificial shells made from a composite and designed to cover chipped, crooked or misaligned teeth. Skilled dentists are able to make veneers match the unique color and texture of an individual’s original teeth.

Still, some people consider veneers to be an artificial “front”, and prefer more comprehensive kinds of Cosmetic dentistry in Oak Park IL. For somebody with a severe overbite or unusually long teeth, tooth reshaping is another option to consider. Known as enameloplasty within the dental profession, tooth reshaping involves permanently shaving a portion of the enamel in order to correct a host of issues. Enameloplasty involves some risk in overexposing the existing dentin, which can happen more easily when somebody already has thin enamel. But used appropriately, dental professionals believe this kind of cosmetic dentistry can promote better oral health.

Cosmetic dentistry in Oak Park IL also includes the familiar practice of orthodontics. Orthodontic dentists deal with teeth and jaw irregularities. Because addressing these issues often involves strategies like braces and retainers that alter the natural teeth, orthodontists are considered to be part of the cosmetic dentistry field. This reality highlights one common misconception about cosmetic dentistry: The majority of procedures associated with cosmetic dentistry don’t serve any greater oral health goal. In truth, cosmetic surgery is among the most important fields in the dental profession precisely because of its ability to solve a visual problem while simultaneously improving oral health.

Whether somebody is hoping to find a solution to a rarely seen cracked tooth or dreaming of a properly aligned jawbone, there are enormous possibilities offered by dentists today. Increasingly, affordability and qualified practitioners are making Cosmetic dentistry in Oak Park IL more attractive!

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