What is pediatric dentistry?

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Dentistry

Infant dental care in Middleburg is a reasonably new approach to cavity prevention and it allows the specialized pediatric dentist to observe first hand in the event there is the possibility of future dental problems that can be caught and corrected early. Pediatric dentists have been specially trained to deal with children as young as infants up to those in the late teens. Those that practice infant dental care in Middleburg are well aware of the structure of a young person’s oral cavity and know that the needs of a child are different than the dental needs of an adult. Pediatric dentists have the same educational background as any dentist but they have been exposed to ways to make a visit to the dentist less traumatic and more enjoyable.

Dentists who decide to focus on children attend four years of dental school and then they move on to a two year residency where they work with infants and children. It is during the residency period that they are exposed to the “ways” of children, the fact that they have difficulty in sitting still for very long and the fact that a dentist is thought to be a scary guy. Through training they learn how to deal with these and other things, reducing the fear associated with a dental visit. The pediatric dentist takes time with the young patient, introducing them to the tools and equipment, the office and treatment rooms are kid friendly even to the point where the dental chair is kid sized.

A child cuts his or her first tooth between the age of six to nine months and by the time the child is three years old the full set of baby teeth will have erupted. There are some who believe that infant dental care in Middleburg should start when the child is perhaps two years of age or even younger. After the first appointment it is recommended that twice yearly visits be scheduled.

Although the pediatric dentist will give the child’s teeth a good visual inspection and cleaning there is more to it than that. The dentist is fully aware that the child will be cared for by the parents and the dentist will spend time explaining infant and juvenile dental care to the parents for their follow-on. The dentist will teach the parents the proper way for the children’s teeth to be brushed and flossed as well as give the parents tips on proper nutrition which will set the stage for long term dental hygiene.

Infant dental care in Middleburg is something that is offered at Myers Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. As a parent you are encouraged to arrange an early visit so that both you and your child can benefit from early dental care.

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