What To Expect From Dentists Cincinnati

by | Jun 1, 2013 | Dentistry

Dentists Cincinnati are healthcare professionals who specialize in the maintenance and care of the teeth and gums. A dentist works carefully with the assistance of a dental hygienist to examine and diagnose problems that may exist within the mouth. These problems consist of cavities, exposed nerves, and damaged roots.

The first visit with a dentist is referred to as a consultation. A dental assistant takes x-rays of the entire mouth. He or she discusses with the dental any issues shown within these x-rays. The dentist brings these issues to the attention of the patient and explains treatment options to correct them.

Next a cleaning is scheduled for the patient. Some Dentist Cincinnati prefer to schedule a routine cleaning at the same time of the consultation. This may vary by the dentist. The cleaning allows the dental hygienist to locate underlying problems after plague and other debris are removed. She or he may also locate exposed nerves within the root of the affected tooth.

Appointments are scheduled for the treatment of any issues located during the routine cleaning. Typically, the office staff evaluates the insurance coverage to determine co-pays and deductibles required by the patient. He or she schedules the appointment for a time and date that best suits the patient’s schedule.

Basic dental treatments consist of fillings, root canals, and extractions. Fillings are used to close cavities and require drilling to remove decay. Root canals are the removal of the pulp and nerve inside an affected tooth. Extractions are the complete removal of a tooth due to extensive damage or decay.

Cosmetics are dental services utilized to improve the overall look of teeth. These services include tooth implants, crowns, and bridges. They are used to replace severely damaged or missing teeth to complete the overall appearance of a smile. These devices are created in a lab setting after a mold of the patient’s teeth is created.

A composite of the teeth allows the dentist to produce implants, crowns, and bridges that match the size and shape of the patient’s teeth. This allows for a more natural appearance. The installation of these devices requires permanent bonding agents to secure them for long periods of time without fail. Some bridges are removable depending on the patient’s preferences.

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