When It Is Wise To Visit A Pediatric Dentist In Pequannock

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Dentists

The sight of a baby’s first tooth is cause for excitement. Whether this is the first born child in the family or the youngest, this milestone is one to celebrate. Soon baby will develop a full set of baby teeth and begin eating and enjoying more solid foods. Most parents begin gentle brushing of these first few teeth to keep them clean for baby. As the child grow into their preschool years, the task of daily tooth brushing can be incorporated into both the morning and bedtime routines. Even a child at this stage of early childhood is too young to begin the healthy habits that will stay with them a lifetime. It is at this time that a parent should start taking their child to see a Pediatric Dentist in Pequannock.

Parents are generally allowed to stay with their child to let them know that all is well. The taking of dental x rays can be explained and made into a game. A thorough cleaning from a well-trained dental hygienist establishes a steady rapport. Commendation on good brushing will be as anticipated as will that take home gift of a new toothbrush. As a child grows older, the routine of going to the dentist will become part of their lives along with school and after school activities.

An office geared to pediatric dentistry knows best how to handle the young and impressionable patient. The staff is well trained to deal with a frightened youngster and the child that may not have many experiences outside of their own home. An atmosphere of cheer and calm can be found at a Pediatric Dentist in Pequannock that will make a child want to visit and stick around for a while. Pediatric dentists know that an office decorated in fun themes will intrigue their curious clientele. Staff members wear colorful and attractive outfits to make each appointment playful and not stressful Dental team members also address young patients gently and use humor to gain their trust. The dentist makes each patient feel welcome and comfortable from the moment they step into the waiting room, to the time when they leave hand and hand with their parents.


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