Where to Find an Emergency Dentist in Lake Hiawatha

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Dental Services

Dental emergencies, whether for a broken tooth or for an abscess, are frequently painful and nerve wracking. They can make it impossible for the sufferer to concentrate or accomplish anything until they get the assistance they need.

For people who have not known where to find an Emergency Dentist in Lake Hiawatha, the options were to either suffer through the misery until a dental appointment could be made or visit an emergency room to seek help.

While it is an urgent need, hospital ERs are designed for medical needs and are unequipped to deal with dental services. The fact is, hundreds of thousands of people choose this route every year all across the country. This only serves to increase the backlog at these locations while the patient is only able to get help for the symptoms, but receive no treatment for the issue causing them. An ER doctor can prescribe a pain medication and an antibiotic if needed, but can do little to fix the tooth.

This is why it is so important to know that when you need an Lake Hiawatha Emergency Dentist you can visit Parsippany Family Dental. They have emergency dental care available for all family members with no appointment needed.

Their same day service can help save a damaged tooth, extract one that is causing pain and much more. They will treat the problem, help you manage the pain and perform any follow-up needed as well. It will save the patient pain, time and money.

In addition to being an Emergency Dentist in Lake Hiawatha they also are a family dentistry which offers many valuable dental services. They perform cosmetic dentistry, including veneers and whitening services as well as providing general dentistry services and implants.

Do not suffer needlessly or waste your money on ineffective care at the emergency room. Get the help you need with Parsippany Family Dental. They offer a valuable new patient package which will include a full exam and many other valuable services, all offered at a discounted rate. Find out more about how they can help your entire family get the beautiful, pain-free smile they deserve.

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