Whiten Your Teeth At Home

by | May 6, 2013 | Dental Services

Teeth whitening is another aspect of our day to day beauty ritual. White teeth is a sign of health and of course our goal is to be healthy from the inside out. There are a variety of whitening agents to choose from but it is important to avoid home remedies that claim to whiten. These home remedies may have a negative impact on your smile. Over the counter agents will help extend the whitening process you received from your dentist. It is important when attempting to extend your professional Teeth Whitening Bayville treatment that you do not use any product that may damage your mouth.

Using at home whitening strips manufactured by commercial businesses does have some effect on whitening your teeth. These products were made specifically for Teeth Whitening Bayville therefore they present little to no harm when used as the manufacturer suggests. Some whitening strips estimate that you will see noticeable changes in your whitening regimen in as little as two days. This will help when you teeth are not as white as they were when you receive the treatment from your dentist. If you use these strips in conjunction with whitening toothpaste your will definitely see results in your whitening campaign. Do not rush results. You should be patient and measure your results daily to see how far you have managed to whiten your teeth.

Other items found in household cabinets purported to help in the Teeth Whitening Bayville process at home may not even be effective at all and will likely cause damage to your mouth. Baking soda is a common home product used to whiten but in all actuality it does not whiten much at all, if any. Baking soda will irritate your gums and could lead to sores in your mouth with continued use. Olive oil is another home remedy rumored to whiten teeth. There is no evidence that using olive oil to whiten your teeth is effective. You should avoid home remedies that have no scientific backing and are not proven to effectively whitening your teeth. These agents can have an overall negative impact on your oral health. If you experience damaged caused by using any such products, you should seek the advice of your dentist immediately. Significant damage to your mouth may mean you will have to seek the assistance of Cosmetic Dentist in Bayville.





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