Month: November 2011

What is teeth whitening?

I guess everyone would agree when I say that the smile is one's best asset. Many people have a beautiful smile which is natural. But there are many who unfortunately do not have a great smile because of their st of teeth. Some have discolored teeth and so they refrain...

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Smile away with cosmetic dentistry

Why use cosmetic dentistry? Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Some may be proud of their looks, some of their height, some of their hair and so on. Another such contributing factor to your attractiveness is your smile. At least 75% of the people think...

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What are dental crowns and bridges?

Everyone wishes to have beautiful teeth. Some have to naturally while some get it done. Having good teeth is really important. Teeth not only help in chewing but also enhance the personality. Many people fear of going to the dentist. This fear arises from the lack of...

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Periodontal therapy and its types

Not many people know about teeth decay problems. There are many diseases that can happen to teeth. One of the main causes of adult tooth loss is periodontal disease. People are unaware of this fact. This disease is actually caused by bacterial infection in the gums,...

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