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by | Feb 26, 2013 | Dentistry

Many people avoid the dentist at all costs. This may be because of their health care coverage, but more often it’s because they are simply afraid to see the dentist. The idea of someone poking and prodding in your mouth sends many into a serious state of anxiety. Rather than facing the music, they opt not to see the dentist. Because of this, years of avoiding the dentist results in tooth decay, gingivitis and gum disease, all of which are serious matters for both your oral and overall health. Periodontal disease can lead to decay and bone loss in the jaw and require serious surgery if not treated properly in a timely manner.

Sedation dentistry Montreal is on the forefront of the latest dentistry techniques because it allows people to relax while they’re in the chair. No longer do you have to worry or have anxiety as you hear a drill or feel the dentist moving around inside your mouth. Sedation dentistry Montreal allows you to work through the dental procedure without feeling nervous. This is a vast improvement for those who avoid the dentist simply because they are afraid they will be in pain or weary of what it feels like to have a dental professional work on an area you cannot see.

There are various levels of sedation. Understand that most people do not require sedation for basic dental procedures such as a cleaning, but many dentists will administer gentle sedation if requested by the patient. In all cases, this means you will need someone to drive you home from your appointment as you cannot operate any type of vehicle or machinery after being sedated, even if it is merely a low dose. Sedation is not usually covered by dental insurance if it is not a required part of the procedure, which is why most people do not opt for minimal sedation. However, if you are someone who is highly scared of the dentist to the point where you do not visit out of fear – minimal sedation is ideal for you.

Minimal sedation is usually administered by inhaling the gas or through an oral pill that gently helps the patient into a relaxed state. Both methods are effective, it simply depends on what your dentist offers and what you are most comfortable with. Gas is usually the recommended sedation method for children whose parents require the procedure for dental work.



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