Four Tips to Prepare for Gum Disease Treatment in Lumberton TX

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Dentists

Gum disease plagues countless people, leaving many with swollen gums and lost teeth. A treatment is available to help, but the process can be increasingly difficult the worse the disease is. Gum Disease Treatment in Lumberton TX may include various methods. In order to prepare for the procedure, there are four tips to consider.

Write Down Questions for the Periodontist

Oftentimes, the periodontist will ask if there are any questions before the procedure begins. While they will do their best to thoroughly explain the situation and how the procedure will go, there are often still some questions left. Many people sitting in the dentist’s chair are too nervous to come up with many relevant questions. It is better to write them down before the procedure begins so they can be asked at the right time.

Avoid Wearing Jewelry

When the time comes for the procedure, an x-ray will be used to see whether there is any decay within the teeth. X-rays typically require that no jewelry be worn. Rather than wearing the jewelry to the appointment and having to take it off, it is a better idea to simply not wear any that day.

Take Prescribed Antibiotics

Before the surgical treatment can begin, all antibiotics that were prescribed need to be finished. As much of the infection needs to be eliminated as possible. Oral antibiotics are most commonly given, although topical options may be provided as well. These will be applied directly to the infected gums, usually in gel or mouthwash form.

Take Tylenol Beforehand

Surgeries often result in painful experiences. Taking Tylenol beforehand will reduce the amount of pain felt and ensure the patient can better handle the discomfort. Other medications should not be taken the day of surgery, unless the periodontist specifies otherwise.

Gum Disease Treatment in Lumberton TX will begin with a deep cleaning. If that does not do the job, other methods will be tried until surgery is the only option left. By following these tips and preparing for surgery, the process can go as smoothly as possible. When looking for a periodontist to treat gum disease, you can try here to find one that suits your needs.

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