Get New Teeth in a Day!

It sounds pretty surreal, right? The thought of getting new teeth in a day? There must be some catch, but there’s not! With All-on-4® dental implants in Schaumburg, you could get a new set of teeth in one day!

All-on-4® dental implants is a procedure created to give you a new set of teeth. They are not removable and function like real teeth.

If you are toothless or close to it, this process is perfect for you. It gives you another chance at getting a beautiful smile.

This method was created in the 1990’s by Dr. Paulo Malo, a European implantologist. From the beginning, All-on-4® dental implants have helped patients with missing teeth, worldwide. Likewise, it has changed the way dental implants are perceived and performed.

What are All-on-4® Dental Implants?

The All-on-4® is a surgical procedure created to help restore mouths of patients who have lost most or all of their teeth.

This surgery gets done by placing four teeth implants into each jaw. The dentist then joins a customized, non-removable bridge to join those dental implants.

Unlike standard surgical methods, the All-on-4® method only needs four teeth implants to get placed per jaw. This process gets completed with one operation.

The result of the procedure leaves patients with a brand new set of teeth. Not only do these new teeth act like regular teeth, but they also look and feel natural.

New Teeth in a Day

The great part of getting All-on-4® dental implants is its time frame. You could get new teeth in one day!

Most times, oral surgeons do not need to begin with bone grafting. Taking away that step allows surgeons to perform this procedure quicker.

If you have spent years without teeth, make a change. Find a skilled doctor who could bring back your smile today!

If you are looking for All-on-4® dental implants in Schaumburg, please go to Start Smiling Dental Implant Centers at website.


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