Looking For Cosmetic Dentistry Charlotte NC

With all the improvements in cosmetic dentistry, there’s no reason not to have a great smile. Teeth whitening, and bleaching, have become very popular. The treatment, done in the dentist’s office, instantly gets rid of tooth discoloration and stains. Veneers are another choice to make the teeth look shiny and white. Dentists recommend porcelain veneers for people with badly discolored teeth. Veneers are also used to correct teeth damaged from other issues. Dentists use fillings to repair the holes left by cavities. Fillings used to be metallic, but now they come in various shades of white to match the teeth. You don’t have to worry about shiny metal messing up your smile. Cosmetic Dentistry Charlotte NC offers dental bonding, which corrects problems like crooked or broken teeth. For example, many people have a gap between their front teeth. Bonding can easily be used to close the gap. A clay-like material is applied to the teeth, and the Dentist uses an intense light to harden the material. Accelerated orthodontics may be an option for those who want perfectly straight teeth, as quickly as possible. This process takes about three to eight months. Normally, braces stay on the teeth for years.

Custom dentures is one of the most popular methods to replace missing teeth because having dentures made is simple, and it’s usually cheaper than other methods. Cosmetically, people think dental bridges are a better alternative to replace missing teeth than partial dentures. Bridges are fixed into place and don’t come out. Crowns, made to cover broken or chipped teeth, are used to anchor dental bridges. Cosmetic Dentistry Charlotte NC doctors may recommend dental implants, too. Implants are metal devices that are surgically placed into the jawbone. The implant anchors an artificial tooth and is permanent. The way their gums look concerns many people. Gums naturally recede over time, or the process is accelerated by gum disease. Dentists can fix the problem by grafting tissue, from other areas of the mouth, to rebuild the gum area. People who are unhappy with their teeth may have serious self-esteem issues. Dentistry has a solution for almost all cosmetic dental problems, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t seek help today!

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