What Is Involved In A Smile Makeover?

The dental patients receive services to make their smiles look the best they can. These opportunities include combinations of general, restorative, and cosmetic treatments. With a smile makeover in Chicago, these dental patients could achieve the best smiles that are so wonderful that they improve the patients’ outlooks.

Correcting Existing Damage

The first course of action is to correct all existing damage. The dentists perform x-rays to explore any underlying conditions that affected these teeth. They conduct a thorough analysis to determine what restorative measures are needed to correct the damage most effectively. They could include composite resin fillings, crowns, or veneers. These products are used to correct damage and reconstruct the teeth after an injury or serious damage.

Replacing Missing Teeth Permanently

The most advantageous methods of replacing missing teeth are by acquiring dental implants. These implants are designed to look and feel exactly like natural teeth. The first step of the process is an assessment of the jawbone. The dentist determines if the jawbone is strong enough to support an implant. If it isn’t, the dentist performs a bone graft.

The next step of the process is to install a titanium root. The installation could take up to two months to heal. After the healing process concludes, the dentist installs the abutment and the implant tooth.

Eliminating a Slight Misalignment

Veneers are beneficial for correcting a slight misalignment. The dentist uses the device to reshape the affected tooth. The end results are straight teeth that are free of the initial issues. The dentist could also use these devices to correct severe staining and discoloration due to aging.

Removing Stubborn Stains

Teeth whitening treatments are used for stubborn stains. These stains are associated with smoking and eating food or beverages that are known to create stains. The treatments are completed in one dental visit.

The dental patients who receive smile makeovers could achieve their best smiles ever. These opportunities address all issues at once. They allow the dentists to create beautiful smiles through a variety of procedures. Patients who wish to undergo a smile makeover in Chicago should contact DentArt Chicago for further details.


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