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Dentistry has two types, including traditional and cosmetic, and the former focuses on the general treatment including diagnosis, oral hygiene, and preventing the teeth. Whereas, cosmetic dentistry involves the improvement in smile, or appearance, etc. A cosmetic dentist plays an important role in making you beautiful as you desire. Mount Tabor has accommodated several specialists for this purpose. Such a dentist also gives services for dental fillings in a way that it doesn’t look ugly.


The trend is more towards natural looking, hence tooth colored materials are used for the treatment. However, a dentist tries to preserve the natural structure, but it also depends on your teeth condition. A doctor also uses laser technology which is essential for some procedures, and it’s available in the clinic. Such a trend reduces the recovery time in certain processes, including smile makeovers.


The latest cosmetic treatments are described here:

Bonding is a technique in which a broken or decayed tooth is repaired, which is done through bonding. A material known as composite is used for this purpose, and its color matches the natural teeth color. This procedure restores the tooth after blending it with the surrounding teeth.

Inlays or onlays are another treatment for filling which is done in an indirect way. They are made from porcelain, and developed in the lab and then placed in the mouth using an adhesive by the dentist. This method is very common in Mount Tabor.


This is also very common, and mostly people get this treatment to make their pale teeth white. Only a good cosmetic dentist can make it natural. The treatment is good for those whose teeth become stained due to smoking, drinking tea or coffee etc.


This is done through laminates made from porcelain and then it’s bonded on the tooth surface. This is good for a cracked tooth and the treatment makes the appearance better. It may sometimes be used as an alternate to teeth whitening, and also used to fill the gaps.

An Implant

This is another very important technique for the teeth which get broken from the root, hence new teeth are implanted. It enhances the appearance, as you would look ugly with a missing tooth. Sometimes more than one tooth need an implant.

Smile makeover

The dentist first evaluates the smile in terms of teeth, and then he or she starts the treatment. This is not dependant on one process as several techniques are used together, like veneers, teeth whitening, implant and gingival sculpting which may be required for upper as well as lower arches. This is how you get the appearance you wish for.

Full mouth treatment

It is also called reconstruction of a full mouth, as a complete mouth treatment may be required in terms of correcting the smile, bite, muscles and structure of the teeth. Very durable material is available these days for this purpose giving not only a beautiful look hence durability is also provided.

All these methods are common and practiced by a dentist in Mount Tabor.

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