Dingy Teeth? A Teeth Whitening Procedure in Lubbock Can Brighten Them

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Dentistry

People judge each other by their appearance. It might not be right, but it’s always been that way. For many years just having clean teeth and a pleasant breath was enough. But now people expect a perfect smile. Teeth have to be straight, perfectly shaped and sparkling white. Not only might yellow teeth keep a person from getting a date, it might keep them from getting a job. Older workers who have to compete against younger workers should take particular care to whiten gray or dingy teeth. It’s therefore no surprise that Teeth whitening procedures are quite popular in Lubbock, TX.

Some patients want to save money so they turn to at-home dental whitening kits. It takes about two weeks before these kits show results. During that time people have to wear trays for 30 minutes up to twice a day. People often get impatient and do more treatments to move it along faster. The result is an irritated mouth. Some patients also have porous teeth with thin enamel, whitening chemicals can be painful for them to use.

When patients have a dentist oversee the Teeth whitening Lubbock process, he can use his professional judgment on the amount of chemicals should be used. Many dentists use a laser to boost the whitening work of the chemicals. The laser has a variety of settings that the dentist can use to account for the various factors that can make a patient’s mouth sensitive. The entire process takes about 90-minutes. Many dentists have a television that the patient can watch while they let the whitening agents do their job. Patients can see up their teeth lighten up to eight shades.

Some teeth will never look right no matter how white they become. They are different sizes, oddly shaped and have uneven spaces between their teeth. While their teeth may have become yellow, whitening alone won’t give them a pretty smile. In this case veneers will take care of all of these problems. The dentist can make them in only one visit. Veneers are a thin shell that is bonded to the front of the tooth. In just a few hours, the patient will have perfect white teeth.

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