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by | Mar 1, 2014 | Dentistry

One of the most dreaded tasks a parent has in their child’s lifetime, is convincing them to visit a dentist for regular checkups or to have any kind of work done when they have a cavity or need a cleaning. Many parents in the Seattle area have had to deal with the utter frustration and stress that comes along with fighting their youngsters to visit the dentist and cooperate during a procedure. Most of the time, a Kids’ Dentist in Seattle will be able to handle a child of any age and excitement level, but some dentists have taken extra steps in the past few decades to ensure their younger patients have an easier time dealing with dental work. Providing their services in a less stressful environment for children has helped many a Kids’ Dentist at Smile Art Dentistry in Seattle to provide their young patients with the dental care they need.

Most procedures are easy for adults to undergo, mainly because they can sit still through a procedure without feeling any anxiety during the process. Unfortunately for many children, they feel anxious being around strangers, especially ones poking around their mouth. Having a reliable children’s dentist like Dentist Dr. Jaime Lee take care of your child’s dental hygiene can go a long way towards your child having a beautiful smile that will last them. A reliable Kids’ Dentist in Seattle at Smile Art can provide your child with a comfortable environment for them to be in, with entertainment to distract them. Many dentists offer movies, music, and even gaming consoles for them to play with while they do their work. This can help distract them, keeping their minds off the activities going on around them which may be stressful to them.

For the more anxiety prone children who get extremely excited when around a dentist, there are other procedures which can be utilized to help get them the dental care they need without putting too much stress on the child. One such procedure involves the parent taking their child back to the dental room for a sedative injection, and then returning to the waiting area. After the child falls asleep, the staff and dentist will then work on them in the back while they’re out. Once done, the child is taken back to the parent, to awaken in the waiting room as if nothing happened.

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