How Does Your Dentist in Santa Fe NM Treat a Cavity?

by | Jan 6, 2014 | Dental Services

When a cavity strikes your tooth, it can not only cause damage, but can cause severe pain. Once the cavity has progressed to the inner parts of the tooth, it can lead to serious nerve pain that can be difficult to control. When the cavity begins to eat away at the structure of the tooth, it will eventually cause tooth loss. To avoid these issues, it is imperative you are seen by the dentist in Santa Fe NM at least twice a year. When a cavity does strike, knowing what to expect in your treatment options can make you feel at ease.

What are the Common Treatments for Cavities?

*     Fillings are the most well-known treatment option when it comes to cavities. Fillings can be made from composite materials, resin, porcelain and metal alloys. Fillings help to close the hole in your teeth when the decayed portion is removed. They seal the tooth and help to prevent further damage and tooth pain.

*     When a tooth has been damaged from the cavity, it may need more treatment than a filling can provide. If the structure of the tooth is not sound, the dentist may recommend you have a dental crown put into place to cover the tooth. This helps to prevent further damage and allows you to keep your tooth and avoid extraction.

*     When damage has reached the point where there is massive pain and even infection and cavity in the root, a root canal may be performed. This procedure removes the diseased inner tissue of the tooth and the nerve so there is no more pain. The tooth is then completely filled. This is often the last treatment approach before an extraction is carried out.

If you are in need of cavity treatment, the dentist in Santa Fe NM can use these treatment options to help save your tooth. Contact Divine Dental of Santa Fe and make your appointment today. Through a wide array of dental services, they can help to keep your teeth as healthy as possible so you can avoid cavities and other painful dental conditions. With regular dental care, you can avoid tooth loss.


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