Periodontal therapy and its types

by | Nov 18, 2011 | General Dentistry

Not many people know about teeth decay problems. There are many diseases that can happen to teeth. One of the main causes of adult tooth loss is periodontal disease. People are unaware of this fact. This disease is actually caused by bacterial infection in the gums, bones and ligaments. There is a cure too for this disease. Periodontal and gum therapy is one solution to this disease. It is a painless disease but can occur at any age. The affect of this disease is different on different people.

Periodontium are actually tissues which surround and support teeth. It helps to maintain the position of teeth on the maxillary or mustache bone as it is called. The four tissues that make up the tissue are alveolar bone, gingiva or gums, cementum and periodontal ligament. Periodontics is a subject that deals with periodontium.

The two different types of therapies available are-

  1. Non-Surgical periodontal therapyThe first type of periodontal and gum therapy is non-surgical periodontal therapy. This is essential to remove the dental plaque and calculus. It all happens because of the inflammation-causing etiologic agents that control bacterial growth and encourage gum diseases. If the gum diseases is diagnosed at an early stage then periodontal and gum therapy will surely solve the problem. If the disease is diagnosed later on then one has to undergo other procedures before this therapy. One has to substitute worn out fillings and crowns with overhanging margins. Margins help in accumulating the plaque.
  2. Laser in periodontal therapy

    Periodontal and gum therapy has been advancing off late. There is a new technique of using lasers for the purpose of such therapy. In order to remove the efficacy of the procedure an additional treatment SRP called lasers is used. Lasers are used as an adjunct to the non-surgical periodontal and gum therapy. It causes less bleeding or swelling. This makes the treatment process less painful and renders complete comfort to the patients.
Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Therapy

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