Teeth Whitening Methods: Which is Right for You?

by | Oct 11, 2012 | Cosmetic Dentistry

Our set of teeth is one of the major contributors in making a good first impression. But it is prone to certain concerns such as teeth discoloration. Teeth discoloration is caused by a number of factors. These extrinsic factors may include regular intake of coffee, wine or tea, or tobacco, specifically, use of nicotine. There are also intrinsic factors that may contribute to teeth discoloration. The intrinsic factors include exposure to fluoride during childhood, internal bleeding caused by trauma, use of certain antibiotics during childhood or obtained teeth discoloration as a characteristic associated with certain health conditions such as aging or dentinogenesis imperfecta.

While stains caused by certain foods and beverages can be prevented by regular brushing and flossing, dental cleanings and whitening procedures may be required to attain a much satisfactory and whiter teeth. There are methods available to help you get the whiter teeth you need. These teeth whitening methods in Vernon CT include natural remedies, purchasing over-the-counter teeth whitening products or get your teeth whitened by a professional.

Teeth whitening by natural remedy involve the intake of foods that may be prepared at home. Munching on crispy fruits or vegetables can act as natural toothbrush because of the abrasive characteristics found on these fruits and vegetables such as carrots or celery. Juice or extracts found on green apples contain malic acid. Malic acid is one of the natural substances that aid in teeth whitening. Strawberries are also known to be a source of natural teeth whitening agents because of its Vitamin C and astringent content. Baking soda is a product commonly found in households. It is not only known to be a household cleaning product, but a teeth whitening product as well which can be mixed with hydrogen peroxide to create your own mouthwash.

There is a wide range of over-the-counter products available in the market, drugstores or dental shops. Some of these include mouthwash or toothpaste formulated for a more efficient teeth whitening function, treatment pens, mouth gels, whitening strips and others. Generally, they are cheaper with printed manual that come with each purchase. Successful results with these types of products may occur after regular and continuous use.

And then there is the professional teeth whitening service in Vernon CT done by a cosmetic dentist. Having your teeth whitened by a professional assures you better and more effective treatments and procedures for a successful outcome. Though they may come in as the most expensive among all whitening methods available, your dentist will make sure that you the procedure is painless and satisfactory. They may offer certain maintenance products that will go well with the procedure.

Before opting for a teeth whitening method, be sure to know about the procedures first and how effective would the method be. The best whitening product should give you the best value for your money. So, which whitening procedure is best for you?

Want to have your teeth undergo a professional teeth whitening Vernon CT area procedure? Get the right people to perform the procedure for you.

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