Tips for Maintaining Clear Braces

by | Mar 23, 2013 | Dentistry

Though braces help you attain a more beautiful smile, there are certain downsides to them as well. For some, smiling becomes a tad bit difficult because they feel uncomfortable when people stare at their metal lined teeth. Although the “being stared at part” can be avoided by obtaining clear braces, the main problem still remains, i.e. eating your favorite foods.

When you’ve got braces, you’re told to avoid certain types of foods because they’ll probably get stuck in your teeth, becoming a threat to dental hygiene. Your orthodontist will walk you through the eatables and the non-eatables. The latter will usually comprise of sticky or hard foods like peanuts, gum, popcorn, potato chips, etc.

You’ll also be advised on staying away from ice or placing hard stuff within your mouth like pens or pencils. Even apples and carrots may lead to a few complications while acidic drinks should be avoided at all times as well. That’s because the acid present within these drinks can trigger the accumulation of plaque or even bacteria growth within your mouth. Cleansing your mouth of such impurities becomes even more difficult with clear braces in Villa Park, IL let alone the effort required by individuals without braces. Hence, you wouldn’t want to step in a pile of unwanted bacteria.

Now, you may think that cleaning your clear braces is a rather time-consuming and difficult task but it’s really quite easy. All you have to do is take some time after each and every meal and your clear braces will never look dirty or stained or more importantly, you wouldn’t have to worry about germ build-up leading to bad breath, plaque, and other bacterial problems as well.

Keeping Your Clear Braces Clean
The brackets used in clear braces in Villa Park, IL along with the plastic bands are designed in such a way that there are always minute places left for plaque and germs to hide in and develop, leading to possible tooth decay. The best you can do for keeping these little enemies at bay is to brush regularly. You should brush your teeth every time you’ve consumed a snack or eaten a meal. This will include even the tiniest piece of chocolate or cake that you’ve eaten just for tasting. Each and every minute portion associated with the crevices of your teeth needs to be washed and cleaned out every day with the help of light toothpaste.

Your orthodontist will probably advise you on which cleaning product to use, i.e. the product that’s best for your teeth. Once you’re done with the brushing, you can use a dental mirror to check on any remaining residue.

Clear braces or clear aligners to be more specific, have created quite a bit of hype over the years. These braces provide a great alternative to regular metal braces. That’s because they’re rather easier to move around with and can be barely noticed (great for people who shy away from the crowd because of their metal mouths).

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