TMJ in Wichita, KS Is Best Treated By A Dentist Experienced With TMJ

by | Aug 30, 2013 | Dentistry

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, often referred to simply as TMJ or TMJD is a problem with the temporomandibular joint and other areas around the jaw area that produces pain and inflammation. The mouth and jaw area becomes painful and sometimes difficult to operate. Someone with TMJ will have trouble chewing, headaches, hear popping sounds and may have reduced jaw function. TMJ in Wichita KS is best diagnosed by a dentist who will understand what the symptoms are showing and can explain the various treatment options their patient has available to them.

After listening to the symptoms the patient is experiencing, the dentist will usually take some special X-Rays to look for particular kinds of defects that connect to the symptoms. Sometimes TMJ will be mistaken for ear problems because the joint causing the symptoms is so close to the ear. Some teeth problems can be the root cause of the TMJ condition starting. For example if the jawbone or teeth get impacted, the connections in the joints and connecting muscles could cause the symptoms to start manifesting. A dentist that has experience with this problem will understand how this happens and know how all of these parts interact.

There are a number of other factors that can cause the TMJ disorder to show up due to stress on the jaw joints. It is found that some patients that have uncontrolled teeth grinding or jaw clamping when they sleep can experience TMJ. This grinding or jaw clamping is part of a disorder named Bruxism and it can cause the jaw to protrude sideways which can cause or add to the TMJ symptoms.

If you find dislocated teeth or have difficulty chewing or start hearing popping sounds, you will want to make an appointment with your dentist. If you even suspect that you may be suffering from TMJ, you will want to set up a detailed dental consultation before accepting any other possible treatment plans or just getting pain medication.

If you are seeing a new dentist, you will want your dentist to consider your medical history. You will want to make sure that you tell your dentist all of the symptoms you are experiencing. This is the only way you can be sure that your dentist can establish a correct set of treatments to resolve you situation and eliminate your pain.
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