What Does a Sedation Dentist Bristol CT Do?

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Dentistry

Some people would rather have rotten teeth than see a dentist. Dental anxiety, or fear of dentists, is a common phenomenon. If you have dental anxiety that is preventing you from getting the all-important dental care, have no more fear. A sedation dentist is at your service. Sedation dentists have revolutionized the way people view dentists, and they have restored the love that people had for dentists; before that first painful visit. This is a new branch of dentistry, although the use of sedation in the practice has been there for some time. In the past however, dentists had the option of performing their practice by using anesthesia that acted only around the tissues where the sedative was injected.

A sedation dentist Bristol CT sometimes applies sleep dentistry in which the patient is made unconscious before an operation is done, although some forms may have the patient conscious. You can benefit from your sedation dentist by having him apply one of the methods of anti-anxiety treatments according to your needs.

Your dentist can use a mild sedative to make you relax while you are completely conscious of the goings-on in the dentist’s office. You can comfortably converse with your dentist as he continues checking out your mouth. This type of sedation is usually inhaled in gaseous form or given orally.

You could also be given a conscious sedation, in which you will still be awake but you will be feeling dazed. You might experience slurring of words even if you are able to understand and respond to conversation. A sedation dentist will normally advise you not to drive yourself home after taking this moderate sedative. In many cases, you will likely not be able to remember how the procedure happened. This sedation is normally administered orally or through intravenous means.

The most popular sedation dentist Bristol CT is the one who gives you a deep sedation where you will be completely conscious or semi-conscious. This unconscious state usually lasts until the effects of the drug wear off.
Not every dentist is a sedation dentist and one should be properly trained to use sedatives. The improper administration of sedation can be dangerous. An overdose of the sedative can cause health problems and even be lethal in some cases. You must find a sedation dentist Bristol CT that is licensed to practice it.

Some regulations regarding the practice of sedation dentistry have been put in place to protect patients. However, they vary according to states. In most cases, the dentist and his support staff might require permits to be allowed to practice. In some cases, some sedatives might be regulated while others may be allowed free administration. Ensure that you follow the regulations of your particular state before you choose a particular dentist.

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