3 Reasons to Look for a Periodontist

Making an appointment with a general dentist isn’t always enough. Here are several signs you’ll be better off finding a periodontist in Oak Brook.

You suffer from chronic periodontitis

Untreated gingivitis can lead to periodontitis, the American Academy of Periodontology explains. Periodontitis is a condition wherein your gums are swollen and inflamed. Bleeding and swollen gums indicate an infection. Left untreated, the bacteria can spread and destroy other parts that support your teeth. In this case, chronic periodontitis refers to inflammation within the supporting tissue of your teeth. This could eventually lead to bone loss.

You have aggressive periodontitis

If your periodontitis wasn’t treated properly, then it’s time you seek out help from a trained, experienced and competent periodontist in Oak Brook. By finding the right dental care provider, you can look forward to a better outcome after the treatment. This can also prevent or reduce the damage resulting from the disease.

You have a periodontal abscess

An abscess contains pus and is often a sign of an infection. If you suffer from a periodontal abscess, that could easily escalate into a bigger problem. Be sure to look for a dental care provider with the proper qualifications, credentials and specialized training to treat you.

Other tips

* Don’t let your dental problems get worse. As soon as you experience symptoms that tell you something isn’t right with your teeth, then look for the appropriate dental care specialist right away.

* Do your homework. Don’t just hire any specialist you find. Get referrals, read reviews online and ask around for tips and advice. These steps should help you get in touch with a dental care provider you can trust.

* Don’t put off that appointment. The sooner you get yourself checked out, the sooner you find out if you suffer from early signs that indicate you may have gingivitis or periodontitis. Get help today.


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