5 Ways for Dental Veneers to Improve Your Smiling in Wilmette

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Dental Services

Dental veneers in Wilmette cover the front of your teeth well to improve your appearance. They also enhance your smile because they achieve the following purposes.

Hide Imperfections and Close Gaps

Gaps or misshapen teeth make you self-conscious, and you feel like not parting your lips when smiling. Veneers fill the gaps and camouflage imperfections that hinder you from smiling wide. The thin shells on veneers fit the teeth well to serve cosmetic needs. They provide a naturally flawless look by closely matching the color of your teeth.

You can replace a tooth or more with veneers. Special glue makes them durable.

Cover Cracks and Chips

Veneers fix several conditions if the teeth do not have severe damage that requires dental implants or a crown. They improve smiling by covering damage such as cracks or chips. They also create a protective layer to reduce the risk of a complete fracture or damage to soft tissues.

Straighten the Teeth

Dental veneers in Wilmette can reshape the teeth with minor misalignments. They straighten the teeth without undergoing the hassle of braces. They make the teeth more aligned and better shaped for a smile.

Controls Gummy Smiles

Veneers can change your appearance if your smile reveals too much gum. A set of veneers are customized to fit the mouth. They improve your smile by showing the teeth more than the gum.

Cover Stained Teeth

Dental stains due to medications or too much fluoride during childhood is stubborn against whitening products. Dental veneers in Wilmette cover up the stains to improve the appearance of your teeth and your smile.

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