A Dentist in Clifton Can Provide Both Preventative and Emergency Care

by | Sep 10, 2013 | Dentists

Everyone needs to have a dentist that will check their teeth, gums and mouth on a regular basis. This ensures that there is no lingering infection that could spread to the rest of their body. Not only do regular dental appointments keep a person healthy, it keeps dental costs down. It’s much less expensive for a Dentist in Clifton to fill a small cavity than it is to perform a root canal when an infection spreads.

Dentists can monitor a patient’s dental health and help them have good habits. If the dentist notices that the patient is always developing small cavities or is on the verge of gum disease, they can give the patient a prescription for Fluoride toothpaste to strengthen the enamel on their teeth. Powerful rinses are also available by prescription that help keep bacteria low in a patient’s mouth. These products can help prevent a variety dental problems.

Their dentist will also make sure that they are brushing and flossing properly. However, no amount of preventative dental care can stop accidents from happening. There are times when patients will need an Emergency Dentist. While children wear helmets to protect their heads when they ride their bikes, most don’t wear dental guards. So a biking accident can lead to chipped and damaged teeth.

When they go home with a bleeding lip and cracked tooth, their parents should take them to the dentist immediately. An infection could easily set in if the wound isn’t cared for quickly. Dental office managers are used to juggling appointments and can always ensure that this type of emergency is handled efficiently.

The dentist can clean and evaluate the tooth and gum area. The tooth may be so badly damaged that it can’t be completely restored. If the root area is still healthy, then the dentist can simply put a crown on the broken tooth. After an accident, the area may be too swollen for a final crown. The dentist will place a temporary crown over the broken tooth to protect it, while it heals. Then the dentist will take an impression and send it to a dental laboratory. The final porcelain crown will look and function just like the original tooth.

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