A Prosthodontist in Lakeview Can Combine Dentures with Implant Rods

When men and women have their remaining teeth extracted because of widespread decay or infection, they must decide on a suitable replacement. A prosthodontist in Lakeview encourages patients to have a full set of dental implants, but not everyone can afford this. Many dental insurance policies cover only a limited percentage of the cost, and others do not pay anything. Another possibility is a combination of dentures with a small number of implant rods as anchors.

Why It Happens

Some individuals develop this oral health problem because they have been lax about hygiene over many years. Others, though, have genetic issues that put them at greater risk of tooth decay and infection.

The Procedure

For this procedure, a prosthodontist in Lakeview places two to six rods in both the upper and lower jaw. Those rods gradually fuse with the bone. With an attachment device, the patient can now snap the dentures into a secure position. The artificial teeth will not come loose. That’s a risk when false teeth rest directly on the gum tissue, even with adhesive.

Stimulating the Jawbone

Even though the number of implant rods is low, they still provide some stimulation for the jawbone during chewing. This helps maintain the bone’s density and strength. The stimulation causes new cell growth to replace cells that are naturally used up over time.

Concluding Thoughts

This choice allows patients to combine the economic advantage of dentures with the benefits of implants. Details on one particular prosthodontist can be viewed at Chicago Dental Solutions.


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