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by | May 2, 2013 | Dental Services

The color of your teeth can greatly decide how your smile looks. The whiter your teeth are, the better your smile will look and the higher confidence you will have in smiling. Though your teeth will naturally yellow and become dull as you age, there are ways that you can reverse these signs of aging on your teeth and get back the beautiful smile that you have lost.

Though an Implant Dentist does not normally conduct teeth whitening, most general and cosmetic dentists do. These services are not covered by most insurance companies, but they are affordable and take little time to accomplish.

If your teeth have become yellowed due to age, your health, or medications, there are many different ways that your dentist can bring back the whiteness of your smile. Most of these Teeth Whitening Lehigh Valley procedures involve you wearing a tray in your dentist’s office. This tray holds the whitening agent on your teeth and then a special light is applied to help the solution to activate.

In most cases your Teeth Whitening Lehigh Valley procedure can be accomplished in one visit. Depending on the degree of yellowness that you are experiencing, you may need to have subsequent visits to get to the shade that you would like. Your dentist will be able to inform you of how many sessions you will need to achieve the desired results.

Though you can whiten your teeth at home, it is better to get the services of a Teeth Whitening Lehigh Valley office. Your dentist has a solution that is not harmful to your teeth and will provide a much great whitening than the store-bought versions. This will give you a much whiter result, without causing irritation and sensitivity in your teeth and gums.

You can easily get back the beauty of your teeth. No matter how yellow or stained your teeth are, your dentist can help you to bring back the whiteness and brightness in your teeth. You will love the way that your smile looks once your teeth are whitened. It will make you look younger and help you to feel more confident.

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