Advantages Of Replacing Missing Teeth with Partial Dentures in Chicago

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Dentist

Has your Chicago dentist recommended dentures, but you do not want to replace all upper or lower teeth? A suitable alternative is to start with partial dentures that hold onto the teeth with clasps instead of the gum-like full dentures. Partial dentures in Chicago have the following advantages.

Replace Missing Teeth

Do you plan to replace a few missing teeth? Partial dentures perform excellently if the missing teeth are next to each other. A dentist can also replace missing teeth on opposite sides of the mouth with one device. You feel more confident after filling the gaps between your teeth. Filling the gaps also reduces the risk of oral health complications.

Non-Invasive Installation Procedure

Clasps or precision attachments secure partial dentures to the teeth. You will not undergo lengthy invasive procedures. They are designed to slide in place and do not require inserting anything into the gum. The simple fitting makes partial dentures more affordable than other methods of replacing missing teeth.

Simple to Remove

Partial dentures in Chicago are not fixed permanently. You can remove them at will without challenges. Because of their removable nature, partial dentures are simpler to clean them and the mouth than fixed options. You can even decide to remove and clean them every night. Dentists can also continue adjusting partial dentures to fit changes to the mouth over time.

Maintain Jaw Structure

Tooth loss interferes with the structure and functionality of your mouth. Partial dentures in Chicago prevent the loss of balance when a gap lingers between the teeth. Partial dentures also prevent adjacent teeth from shifting into the gap.

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