Answering Important Questions About Tooth Fillings In Wichita, KS

Tooth Fillings in Wichita KS, can be done when there is enough tooth decay to cause problems with teeth. A dentist will get rid of the decaying part of the tooth and proceed to fill the area with a special material. This will protect the tooth from future decay as long as the tooth is properly cared for. Filling a tooth can also be done if a tooth has been accidentally broken or cracked. Some fillings are done because teeth have been worn down due to years of being misused. People who are getting fillings for the first time often want to know what the steps are for filling teeth.

The process of filling a tooth starts with a dentist using some form of local anesthetic on the area of the mouth where the tooth that needs to be filled is located. Once the anesthetic has started to work, the dentist will either use a laser or an air abrasion tool to get rid of the area of the tooth with the decay. The instrument that is used to rid the tooth of decay can vary due to the dentist’s training, where the decay is, how much of it there is, and whether or not the dentist has decided to invest in other tools. People can visit¬† or any dentist’s website to inquire about which tools a dentist has access to for Tooth Fillings in Wichita KS.

After the decay is removed, the area will be cleaned so that there isn’t any debris left. Leaving bacteria or debris in the area can cause problems in the future for the tooth. When the decaying portion of the tooth is near the tooth’s root, a special liner might be used to protect the nerve. Once all the preparation is done, the tooth can be filled with the filling material that has been chosen for the job. There are several different materials to choose from. Silver amalgam has been around for a long time and is the material that is often thought of when fillings are talked about. There are also tooth-colored materials available.

So, what needs to be considered before choosing one of the filling materials? Cost and the dentist’s recommendation are usually the deciding factors. Some of the filling materials are more expensive than the others, and the dentist will make a recommendation after judging the extent and location of the decay.


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