Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist About Dental Crowns in Lincolnwood, IL

by | Nov 16, 2013 | Dentistry

Taking care of your teeth is just as important to your health as getting a yearly check-up. Your teeth actually affect your health in ways most people aren’t aware of. Did you know that if you have gum disease, it can affect your heart? If you have a toothache, it can affect your blood pressure. Dental health is essential to our well-being, so why shouldn’t we take every step available to ensure that our teeth and gums are in the best condition? Once you start seeing your dentist at least twice a year, once for an exam and once for a cleaning, you might find that you need work done such as fillings for cavities and getting Dental Crowns in Lincolnwood, IL.

You may wonder why you would ever need a crown done by a Cosmetics Dentist. For one thing, if your tooth becomes weak from breaking, a crown will hold the tooth together and make it stronger. If your tooth becomes worn down, a crown will restore it. A crown can also cover misshaped or discolored teeth. If you need to cover a tooth with a large filling that hasn’t got much of a natural tooth left, a crown can help cover that tooth. A crown can also be used for a cosmetic modification.

Even children who still have their baby teeth can need a dental crown. If one of the baby teeth is so full of decay that a filling wouldn’t hold, a crown can be applied to the tooth to save it. Also, if your child has to take medication for behavioral problems, a crown can save the tooth because the medication causes a weakness in the health of the teeth.

A crown can be made of several different materials, including: silver, gold, resin, porcelain or ceramic. If the patient has an allergy to metals, then the porcelain, ceramic or resin can be used. If it’s a front tooth, usually the porcelain or ceramic is used instead of metal. Whatever type of crown you have installed in your teeth, the main idea is to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Ask your dentist about getting Dental Crowns in Lincolnwood, IL if you feel your teeth are wearing down or getting cavities that need taken care of.


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