Braces are for adults too

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Dental Services

Braces are normally associated with teens and young adults, but an orthodontist in Nesconset can just as easily fit adults with braces as anyone.
If you have maintained a high standard of dental care throughout your life, then you will probably be an excellent candidate for adult braces. Those adults which have many teeth missing and generally poor teeth may not be candidates at all for orthodontics. Once you feel you are ready to investigate having your teeth straightened, your normal dentist will often arrange an appointment with the orthodontist as many general dentists do not practice this specialty. Once you are with the orthodontist, he or she will make a visual review of your oral cavity and face form and then be in a position to address your questions and advance an opinion as well as give an estimate of the cost.

The orthodontist in Nesconset will be very honest with the assessment, either wearing braces will work or it won’t. If the orthodontist is confident that braces will work for you, and should you agree, then further work is done. A complete set of X-Rays are taken, a mold of your teeth, both upper and lower is made and facial photos are taken. With this information the orthodontist can construct a plan of attack so to speak on how best to straighten your teeth to perfection.

Once the plan has been established the orthodontist will go through it with you. In some cases there is more than one option and these will be pointed out to you for a decision. It may be possible to treat only the maxillary or mandible’s; there may be different appliances that can be used for the treatment and to enhance the overall finished look, there may be a need for the dentist to perform extractions.

Of course you may wish a little time to consider all the options but once you have decided, then a final consultation will wrap up all the details and work can begin. Part of the consultation will be the anticipated cost and a discussion of your dental insurance.

Adult braces and complete orthodontic care is no longer just something for the young people. Having your adult teeth made perfect is a growing trend and it is no longer an oddity to see an adult with braces.

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