Caring For Dentures The Right Way

Many people who get new dentures feel a little bit unsure about them in the beginning. After all, this is a complete teeth replacement, and it may be very different from the natural teeth that a person has had for their whole life. Fortunately, getting used to new dentures can be a lot easier than many people realize. Here are the top three denture care tips.

Use Adhesive When Necessary
Denture adhesive is not necessary every day in most cases, but it can be extremely useful sometimes. When eating really challenging foods like raw carrots, peanut brittle, or corn on the cob, a coating of denture adhesive can make the difference between dentures sliding and sticking in place. Sometimes, denture wearers prefer to avoid foods like these whenever possible. Modifications can also work well. For example, cut the corn off the cob to avoid taking chances. Generally, the adhesives today are strong enough to handle nearly anything, but a common sense approach to eating is still best.

Don’t Forget Gum Care
People with removable dentures may tend to forget how important gum care is since they no longer have natural teeth to brush. Most dentists recommend brushing gums with a soft-bristle toothbrush on a regular basis. Those with permanent teeth replacements should also remember to take care of basic gum care. When the replacement teeth are anchored properly, they can be brushed and cared for much as natural teeth would be.

Be Aware When It’s Relining Time
If teeth replacements start to shift around more than they did previously, it may be time for a denture relining. This process is designed to refit the replacement teeth to adjust to any changes that may have occurred in the gums. When the gums start to shift, whether it is growth or shrinkage, it is often the time for a relining. This can extend the life of the teeth replacements and make the patient more comfortable.

The same dentist who provides Gentle dentistry for your entire family is often the ideal person to ask about tooth replacement. Call your local dentist to discuss whether you are a candidate for denture replacement today! Also you can visit


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