Caring For Your Braces

by | May 17, 2019 | Dentist

Braces are beneficial as they can give you the straight smile that you desire. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind that can help prevent your brackets from breaking and that can keep different types of foods from getting wrapped around the wires. It’s important to keep all appointments that you have with your orthodontist or dentist to ensure that your braces are working as they should.

After getting braces a St Johns FL office puts on your teeth, don’t forget to smile. While there are some people who will notice that there are brackets and wires in your mouth, many will see that you are doing something to get the smile that you desire and that you’re doing something to benefit your mouth. Avoid eating hard foods for the first few days after getting braces as you could experience some discomfort.

Apply a warm washcloth to the sides of your face to help with any discomfort that you have. Your orthodontist will likely give you wax that you can apply to the ends of the wires to keep the metal from cutting your skin. Make sure you keep all of your appointments with your dentist as you need to ensure that your teeth are properly cleaned while you have braces.

There are a few foods that you want to avoid while you have braces a St Johns FL office has placed on your teeth. These foods include anything sticky, such as gum as well as popcorn and chips. Be careful about biting into certain foods as well as they can break off the front brackets. Clean any appliances that can be removed from your mouth. Floss around the brackets to keep food particles from sitting. Examine your braces regularly for any broken brackets or loose wires.

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