Cavities Can Be Identified By You Before You Visit The Dentist In Northfield

Most people are shocked to hear they have a cavity and aren’t even aware of the problem. However, in most cases, caries can be identified by you before or between visits to your Northfield dentist. Therefore, it’s important to know about the warning signs and visit your dental professional regularly to keep these problems at bay.


Pain is the number one indicator that there is something wrong, whether the pain is in your mouth or your foot. However, most people routinely ignore pain, believing it to be nothing or minimal. If you notice a tingling feeling in your mouth while eating or talking, this is a sign that you may have a cavity and in some cases, irreversible pulpitis. Toothaches are not common, and you should always check into the pain, either by yourself or with the help of a dental professional.

Bad Breath

Bad breath is a symptom of many mouth problems, so you shouldn’t necessarily focus on cavity problems. Instead, focus on finding a qualified dental professional that makes you feel comfortable and explain your worries to him or her. They will be able to assess the problem, find the cause and offer treatment.


Tooth sensitivity can be caused by many things, including hot and cold sensations, and sugar or sweets. While sensitivity doesn’t always mean you have a cavity, it may well mean that the enamel has decayed, which allows the temperature to be felt by the nerves. Sugar and sweet sensitivity are most common, and you may notice a tingling feeling when eating or drinking sugar.

Many people are routinely bothered by hot or cold beverages or foods, but if you suddenly develop sensitivity, it’s time to visit your Northfield dentist.

Holes/Spots in Teeth

It is usually a good idea to visibly check your mouth periodically for any signs of damage or weakness. If you do this and notice a hole or a dark spot on a tooth, you should brush the area thoroughly. If it doesn’t go away, it could be a sign of tooth decay. Only your dental professional will know for sure, so schedule an appointment as soon as possible.


Prevention of cavities include brushing and flossing, limit sugary snacks, consider dental sealants and have regular dental checkups. You may also want to consider rinsing the mouth after eating or sucking on hard candies/cough drops.

A dentist in Northfield understands your concern of cavities and is ready and able to help prevent them. Visit Dr. Adams’ website today to schedule an appointment or find out more information. Visit us at


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