Checkups And The Value Of Routine Dental Care

Most people arrange to see their dentist at least twice a year for routine checkups and a professional cleaning. At this time your dentist in Yorktown NY will examine your teeth and gums looking for any signs of tooth decay, gum disease or other dental problems that need attention.

Unfortunately, many people fail to heed this advice; this lack of routine dental care often results in additional cost and perhaps the loss of one or more teeth.

Tooth decay:

Tooth decay is something that starts small and gets progressively worse. If you fail to see your dentist on a regular basis the first indication of a cavity may be excruciating pain. During a routine dental appointment, your dentist will remove plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth which will expose any early signs of decay. The easiest way to deal with a cavity is to fill it long before it requires more costly procedures such as a root canal.

Gum disease:

Just like decay, gum disease also starts small and becomes progressively worse over time. If plaque and tartar are allowed to build up on the surface of teeth the gum will eventually be affected. As the gum tissue is destroyed the teeth become loose and eventually will fall out. Gum disease is something that if caught in the early stages is easy to correct, another very good reason for seeing your dentist in Yorktown NY on a regular basis.

Other potential problems:

Beyond regular tooth cleaning and examination, your dentist will also look for other problems. One important thing to identify in the early stages is oral cancer. While you are in the chair the dentist will check your neck and lymph nodes, all of these services help to identify the presence of serious health issues.

When it comes to your oral health nothing is more important than a regular checkup by your dentist in Yorktown NY. To schedule your next check-up and professional cleaning you are invited to make an appointment with Northeast Dental, PLLC.


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