Why You Should Choose a Restorative Dental Veneer in Bowie MD

A veneer is a dental prosthetic made of a composite resin or ceramic material. Veneers, which are bonded to the front teeth, do not need an anesthetic in order to be applied. The artificial restorations are used to brighten smiles and hide discolorations.

A More Conservative Treatment

As a result, people often choose a dental veneer in Bowie, MD instead of a crown. Because this treatment approach is more conservative, less of the enamel is removed. The thin shells, which are often used to mask teeth that have been irreversibly stained, are also used to cover damaged teeth.
You may also be a candidate for a dental veneer if you exhibit worn or chipped teeth or gaps between the front teeth. A veneer may also be used to cover discolored fillings appearing in the front. When you choose this type of dental treatment, it is important to take a proactive role in the process.

How the Teeth Are Prepared

While composite resin veneers can be applied in one appointment, ceramic veneers usually take longer to apply. In order to prepare each of the teeth for a dental veneer, the dentist lightly buffs them. He or she does this so the thin shell can be easily placed. In the case of ceramic or porcelain, a mold is normally taken of the teeth so it can be sent to a lab for fabrication.

When a Bowie dental veneer is ready to be placed, the doctor checks the fit and determines the best color. Again, it is important for the patient to participate in the treatment. The shade you choose cannot be adjusted after the veneer is applied.

After any dental veneer is placed, the patient goes through an adjustment period. During this time, it is important to follow good oral hygiene. After a couple weeks, the dentist normally checks the veneers to make sure they are secure.


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