Common Dental Procedures

by | Jun 5, 2012 | General Dentistry

While there are numerous common dental procedures that dentists in Port Orchard can perform, only a few of them will be mentioned in this article. Those include crowns or bridges, fillings, extractions and root canals.

A crown will help protect a tooth that has been damaged or cracked. This is a way for dentists in Port Orchard to save the tooth so you do not have a hole in your mouth or need a bridge where the tooth should be. If you do have missing teeth, a bridge or implant can replace the missing teeth. The bridge includes false teeth anchored using a bridge.

Most times when a person is going to see a dentist for a routine checkup, a cavity will be found that requires a filling. With a small cavity that has not been there long, you may not even know you have it. This is why it is important to see a dentist regularly. If you catch the cavity early, you can get it filled and be done with it. If you wait too long, the cavity can cause more damage to your tooth along with decay and possible infection.

If a tooth becomes too damaged, it may need to be extracted. Most all dentists in Port Orchard will perform this procedure. If the tooth is cracked beyond repair or starting to rot, it will need to be pulled. Extractions can happen for a variety of reasons. While it is common to need an extraction for a severely damaged tooth, it can also become necessary if a permanent tooth is coming in behind a baby tooth and not pushing that baby tooth out properly. If the tooth is not pulled, the permanent tooth could come in crooked. Also, when someone is considering braces, there may not be enough room for all of their teeth; so one or more teeth will need to be pulled.

Lastly, a root canal can help treat abscessed or infected teeth. The dentist will go in and clean out all of the infected area by opening the tooth. The space that is left will be filled. None of these procedures sound very appealing, but they are common among patients. Many dentists in Port Orchard possess the right skills, knowledge and education to perform these procedures as quickly and painlessly as possible. Hopefully you never have a cavity, extraction or root canal, but if you do, you should choose a dentist you trust.

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