Common Problems Treated by a Pediatric Dentist in Oahu, HI

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Dentist

For a Dentist Oahu HI, residents with young children may choose a pediatric specialist. These dentists have completed more extensive education, training, and practice caring for patients from infancy to the late teen years. Children have different common dental issues than adults do, and a pediatric dentist is well-versed in managing these problems.

Primary Teeth

Primary teeth must be cared for just as adult teeth are, even though they will fall out one by one. Otherwise, the teeth are susceptible to decay and cavities. Sometimes, a primary tooth does not fall out when it should, and the dentist may need to gently remove it. That tooth may be stuck between two other teeth, unable to be pushed out even though an adult tooth behind it is trying to grow in.


Young children generally do not have the motor skills and coordination to effectively brush their teeth until they are about five years old. Parents must do this for the kids using a children’s size brush. A dentist with a practice such as Kidshine Pediatric Dental Group will answer questions about when the child is ready to brush on his or her own without supervision and when the switch to an adult brush should be made.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

A Dentist Oahu HI has available sometimes sees a condition known as baby bottle tooth decay. Babies and toddlers are vulnerable to this problem if they are allowed to keep a bottle containing milk or juice in their mouth much of the time. The sugar in these beverages gradually damages tooth enamel and can result in cavities. The problem can be especially serious if the little one has been allowed to sleep with a bottle every night.

Impact Injuries

Children and teenagers are more likely than adults to have teeth knocked out or experience other negative effects from impacts to teeth. If primary teeth are knocked loose, this may not be a large problem except for the immediate painful effects and the need for a dentist to remove the teeth. An adult tooth in the front that cannot be saved may be replaced with a dental bridge since implants cannot be used until the jaw is fully developed. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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